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Liquid Calorie Calculator
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The liquid calorie calculator calculates the total daily calorie intake from beverages consumed. Select the beverages in the left and enter their quantity in the right. The per beverage calories are for one serving of eight (8) fluid ounces, or about the equivalent of 240 milliliters as indicated and accepted worldwide by the food and beverage industry. If you have three (3) of those daily, enter 3 on the right. The calculator allows for entries for five (5) different beverages. Click on Calculate to total them individually and for the daily accumulated total.

If you are uncertain what the calorie content of your beverage actually is, check the label. Most manufacturers and retailers are providing that information now. You may need to convert from the size of the serving to the 8 fluid ounce (240 ml) serving size that we use. In the selections of beer, wine, whiskey, coffee and tea, we took a general overall average instead of a by brand listing.
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Liquid Calorie Ccalculator
Enter the following data
Beverages consumed daily Daily Quantity
Beverages Calories/quantity Total Calories/Beverage
Daily Beverage 1 Calories Total
Daily Beverage 2 Calories Total
Daily Beverage 3 Calories Total
Daily Beverage 4 Calories Total
Daily Beverage 5 Calories Total
Total daily calories from all beverages Grand Total

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