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Body Mass Index Calculator for Children
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Is your child obese? Is he/she at risk of developing obesity later on? To know, try our child's body mass index (BMI) calculator which calculates not only your child's body mass index, but also his/her body mass index percentile which is the most important single method for assessing and screening your chid's obesity risk. To learn more about child growth charts and percentiles, click here.
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Child Body Mass Index Calculator
Enter the following data
Gender of the child
Age of the child years
BMI (kg per meter square)
BMI percentile
BMI as a multiple of the mean BMI
Automatic recalculation

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Interpretation of the results
BMI percentiles
< 18.5
< 5th
18.5 to 24.9
5th to 85th
25 to 29.9
85th to <95th
30 or more
> 95th
Note: it is much more useful to do frequent measurements e.g. every month, to see if your child is crossing percentiles for example, if a child's body mass index percentile is now at the 10th percentileand at the 60th after 1 month , the child's weight may be abnormal althaugh both values are within normal range.



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